Switchfoot Hits the Holy City

Last Saturday evening I took my hubby out for our February Date Night.  After dinner I surprised him with tickets to the Switchfoot concert at Music Farm in Downtown Charleston.  It was miles different from the Switchfoot concert I attended at Samford University during my college days, but maybe even better in a way.

During the concert the lead singer, Jon Foreman, made his way out into the audience and onto the side stair rails and performed there for a bit.  I shot this (what I would consider, for my photography skills) awesome and unique photograph of him when he was above where we were standing.  Alright, maybe it is just a bright and blurry photograph, but I think the colors and prospective are awesome.

Jon Foreman - Switchfoot

Jon Foreman – Switchfoot – 2.22.14

If you haven’t checked out their new album Fading West yet, go check it out now!

2 thoughts on “Switchfoot Hits the Holy City

    • I have been pretty out of the loop on Switchfoot since those earlier years, and actually only own 1 album currently. So, I don’t have a lot to compare it to other than “Learning to Breathe”. It is hard to explain, not too different, maybe a more rounded and mellow sound than in the past. At least in my opinion. They have the entire new album on YouTube if you want to hit it up and decide for yourself, as I am no expert!

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