Inspiration and Wisdom

What are your plans for 90?  Retired in the sunny south with a good book and your crochet hook?  I’m not sure where I plan on being at 90, but I will say, working 5 days a week has never been a part of that plan!  Although it isn’t in my plan, there is something to be said for someone who gets out of bed every day at 90 and looks forward to work.  It keeps the mind sharp and the ticker strong!

If you are looking for a little inspiration today, or someone to put you to shame for feeling the Monday Blues, then look no further than Van Hoover, my husband’s Nana who still works 5 full days a week!

She recently had her 90th birthday and celebrated exactly how she wanted, with a cookie cake, a song over the speakers at her office, and then back to work!  You can read all about her and her 63 years at her company here:

One of her quotes hit home for me and helped remind me how lucky I am to work for such a wonderful company also:

“I wish everybody could work for a company and for people that they believe in and that believe in them, but I don’t see that happening in other places much anymore,” she said. “There’s no real loyalty from employees to their employers, and it works the other way, too. People used to know that a company would take care of them if they were loyal and worked hard, and not too many companies still work like that.”

If you are looking for some wisdom, she is full of that too:

“I’ve never been a big one to complain about anything because the way I look at it, if you’re not happy, find what makes you happy, but don’t ever expect something for nothing,” she said. “Anything worth doing is going to require a good attitude and hard work.”

I know those are some words of wisdom I could learn from and should follow every day.  What are some memorable words of wisdom that have been passed along to you through the years?

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