My Hubby is [Nerdy and] 30!

A couple of weeks ago my husband hit his fourth century.  As this is such a big milestone (at least it sure seems it from where I am sitting!) I decided to give him a day and evening of fun to take his mind off of the fact that he would be hitting the big 3-0.  His one request for his birthday this year was dinner with friends.  So, I decided to throw him a bash of epic proportions…well, not really.  However, I do like to at least put some thought into details, which is what I planned to do for his evening.

Starting his morning off right, I procured thirty helium balloons from Dollar Tree and passed them off to one of his coworkers and friends who lives nearby and had his friend take the balloons to Clay’s office.  Although Clay arrives very early in the mornings, this friend arrives even earlier, so all in all it worked out really well!  He had thirty balloons tied to his desk chair when he arrived at the office on his birthday.  I wasn’t too sure how this was going to go over, he was either going to be irate with me or love it.  Thank goodness he loved it!

That evening we had a small dinner with friends.  He chose the location and guests and from there, I did the rest!  See the invitation I made below (on MS Word no less!), based on some inspiration I found on Pinterest:

Nerdy 30 Birthday Invitation

Birthday Dinner Invitation

I had decided to go with a Big Bang Theory themed cake for his birthday this year and figured the “Nerdy 30” theme would go with it perfectly!  I used Pinterest for lots of inspiration, but mostly came up with my own ideas based around the pins I saw.

I knew that I was going to dress nerdy, so I had to somehow get Clay in on the nerdy attire.  I got him an awesome Big Bang Theory themed shirt (Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock) from Woot! and had him wear it to the party along with some suspenders I had from an 80’s themed 5K and my old glasses!  Not to mention the awesome light-up birthday boy bow tie I procured at the party store!  Add in the fun 80’s style Polaroid “frame” I made and you have photo perfection!

Nerdy 30 Polaroid

Clay’s Nerdy 30 Polaroid – 6.11.14

The cake for his birthday was based on an episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon is attempting to build carbon atoms in a ball pit and when Leonard shows up to get him out he keeps popping  his head out yelling “Bazinga!”.

For the first time, I attempted to use the paper towel method of icing a cake to make it look like fondant.  It didn’t quiet come out as smooth as I had planned nor as nice, but it was definitely easier than working with fondant.  I used Sixlets for the ball pit (I wish they had blue!).  I wanted to use other candies but couldn’t find any with all the colors I wanted that were perfectly round like these, so in the end, I went with shape versus color.  Instead of using fondant, I used Wilton’s Sugar Sheets to cut the letters out for the front of the cake.  After attempting many different methods to cut out the letters, in the end, using scissors was the easiest way to get them smooth and in the correct shapes.

Clay's Nerdy 30 Bazinga Birthday Cake

Big Bang Theory Cake – 6.11.14

Instead of attempting to make people out of modeling chocolate or anything of the like (and having them not look like people at all), I decided to print a photo of Sheldon and Leonard on photo paper, cut them out, tape toothpicks to the backs and stick them down in the cake.  All in all, I was very happy with the way the cake turned out!  I’ve also never got more compliments on the taste of a cake.  So, thank you Cake Boss for supplying the yumminess!  And, per usual, I used my cousin’s delicious buttercream frosting recipe (adding two of the no-taste red dyes by Wilton), and it was a wonderful compliment to a wonderful cake.

Big Bang Theory Bazinga Ball Pit Cake

Big Bang Theory Cake – 6.11.14

I did my best to dress up like Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory and found this amazing “costume” at a thrift store.  I got all three pieces (sweater vest, shirt and skirt) for under $7!  Nothing beats a sweater vest with embroidered monkeys on it (at least not in this situation)!  I also painted some wooden glasses on a stick in a few different styles and had those at the table for everyone and sent them home as favors.

Nerdy 30 Polaroid

My Nerdy 30 Polaroid – 6.11.14

It was a great dinner and party and I was so glad that [almost] all of the attendees showed up dressed in their nerdy attire!  It made for a fun evening with lots of nerdiness to help distract Clay from his “old age”.

Be on the lookout for a future post about Clay’s Birthday Trip from the following weekend!

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