Cake Quandary

A few weekends ago I volunteered to make my friend’s birthday cake.  Once I saw the guest list of 30+ people I decided I would attempt a 3-tier cake for the first time.  Since we were meeting up at Prohibition in Downtown Charleston for her birthday celebration, I thought I would go with a “vintage” theme.  My first thoughts were black and gold, until I realized in order to get gold that looked legit on my cake design, I would, in essence, be feeding her guests metal.  That was a no go, so I decided to move on to other ideas!

My final idea was to adorn the cake in antique gold ruffles.  Thanks to Wilton’s wonderful color chart I was able to get the color I wanted!  I also found a tutorial on The Baked Equation blog for some beautiful edible vintage ruffle flowers.  I decided that lavender was the color of choice for those works of art.

On Friday evening I baked my cake layers as well as constructed my vintage ruffle flowers.  On Saturday, I chose to go to the gym in the morning and then finish the cake that day before dinner with the birthday girl followed by her celebration.  Lo and behold, things got behind, and the cake took longer to decorate than I had planned (doesn’t it always?!?!).   We thus missed dinner and had to take the cake straight on to the celebration.

Although it did not turn out exactly as planned (it started collapsing on itself which caused a massive lean), I am still somewhat satisfied with the way the final cake turned out.  Per the norm, I left the day(s) with many pieces of cake making wisdom that I had not started with.  What are some great tips you have learned in making cakes that you could pass along to a self-taught decorator such as myself or others?

Vintage Lavender Fondant Ruffle Flowers

Vintage Lavender Fondant Ruffle Flowers with Pearls…All edible!

Even though I wasn’t able to get a very good photo of just the flowers, I truly loved them and enjoyed the process of constructing them.  I cannot wait to make more again!

Ruffle Cake in Vintage Gold with Lavender Ruffle Flowers

Ruffle Cake in Vintage Gold with Lavender Ruffle Flowers

The cake hadn’t started leaning too much at this point, but below, you will see where it had a massive lean by the time we took it out of the cooler for the birthday gal!

Ruffle Cake in Vintage Gold with Lavender Ruffle Flowers

The cake made it [barely] to the birthday gal’s celebration!

And, even though the cake was not exactly as planned, nor as perfect as I always hope, the below picture shows that all the work was worth it in the end.

Vintage Ruffle Birthday Cake

I loved this shot of the birthday girl! Her wish shall come true…

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