The Longest Second in 2013

It’s that day again.  The day when Auburn faces its arch enemy on the football field.  Unfortunately, there is zero chance that this years game will be in any way as monumental as last years game.  Having been in Jordan-Hare Stadium for the Iron Bowl last year and having witnessed the final second firsthand, I can say without doubt it was the most exciting moment in football that I have ever and probably will ever be witness to.  Fortunately, we will not be going to the town that is not to be named this year to witness the game firsthand, but we will be cheering our Tigers on to victory from the warmth of a home.  In order to help get you in the spirit of the game, I would like to share this appropriate video released by Jeanne Robertson this month.


Iron Bowl 2013 After the Win

Iron Bowl – 11.30.13

P.S.  If you really want to get pumped for the game tonight:

I even got to meet Rob Bramblett in February!  [He is the announcer in the above video.]

Raven Askew and Rod Bramblett

Rod Bramblett and Me – 2.7.14


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