It’s the First Day of Winter!

Happy Winter and Merry Christmas!

I got my Christmas cards (all but a few!) out on December 1st this year, per my annual goal.  I love sending and receiving Christmas cards in the mail.  It is great to see and hear from family and friends and I especially love it when we get updates on everyone’s lives from the past year!

Instead of doing a typical “newsletter” style card or letter this year we decided to have our cards printed with photos and on the back we displayed our Top Ten Highlights of 2014!  It was our fun way of sharing our highlights from the year.  Now that I have my blog to post all of our adventures, I love pointing folks here so they can get all the details!  If you would like to read more about some of our adventures from the past year, I have linked up our Top Ten Highlights below to the past posts where I shared all of our fun adventures!

(Pardon the horrible scan job, the cards are textured and thus did not scan well.)

2014 Christmas Card Front

2014 Christmas Card Back

Top Ten Highlights of 2014

10. Attended the 2014 BCS National Championship Game to cheer on the Auburn Tigers

9. Traveled near and far (Houston) for family and friend’s weddings

8. Raven traveled to New York City to attend her best friend’s medical school graduation

7. Raven tried Flying Trapeze and loved it!  Thus she began Aerial Arts training: Aerial Silks, Slings, Hoop and Static Trapeze

6. Celebrated Clay’s 30th Birthday with a trip to Caesars Head State Park and stayed in a concrete dome

5. Clay took 1st place in the Avondale 5K, 2nd place in the i5:K, and “Top 25” in his age group for the Cooper River Bridge Run

4. Visited Raven’s Great Aunt Iva in Montana and hiked in Glacier National Park

3. Hopped to Portland after Montana for Clay to run Hood to Coast (5th time!) and hiked (waded) the Oneonta Gorge

2. Rory turned 5 in August!

1. Raven started a blog!  You can keep up with all of our adventures at:

What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.    – Vern McLellan

What are some of your 2014 Highlights? I would love to hear of the great things you have done this year and big moments enjoyed!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas as well as a great New Year!

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