Floating Frames

Over the weekend I decided to dive in on some framing projects I have wanted [needed] to get done for a while now.  Having a lot of photo booth photo strips from parties and weddings lying all about on our dresser and tucked into the mirror in our bedroom I knew those needed to get framed or displayed in a better way.  They were getting bent, warped and all around dusty.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to display them, so I took off on a trip to Jo-Ann‘s and Michaels.  Unfortunately, the Jo-Ann’s near my home doesn’t really have a frame selection (about 4 different frames does not count in my book), so I then headed a few streets over to Michaels.  They had a great frame selection!  This past weekend they were having a great BOGO Free promotion.  Perfect!  I needed two frames, so this was going to save me a lot!  (Check out the sale and make sure to change the ad to your local store – Going on until the 3rd of January!)

I was able to find two different floating frames that worked perfectly for both projects. The first project I completed held all of our photo booth strips!  I think it turned out great!  I was really hoping for a brown frame, as that would match our bedroom decor a bit better, but all they had in the 12 x 12 frame was black.  I can’t wait to hang it in our room!  Lots of fun memories from great Christmas parties and a wedding with friends!

Photo Booth Photographs in a Floating Frame

The second frame I procured was a larger frame to hold a BoomTown! Core Values letterpress poster.  I really wanted to ensure that there was [no more] damage done to my copy of the poster.  I really love that I used a floating frame for this poster so that all the beautiful letterpress indentations can be seen.  I hold the BoomTown! Core Values close to my heart.  Being a Boomer from the early days I was privileged to help create and build those values and help make BoomTown! what it is today.  I’m going to keep this poster where I can see it regularly as I take on a new adventure* at the start of 2015 so that I can embody these core values in order to make it back where I want to be in a mere 13 weeks!

BoomTown! Core Values Letterpress in Floating Frame

What are some things you have lying around that you want to display properly for the new year?

* More about my new adventure to come soon!

** This post was not in any way promoted by Michaels.  I just so happened to pop in on a great sale for the items I needed for this project and wanted to spread the word! **


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