Wedding Invitation Ornament

I was able to squeeze in another small craft during the holidays – a wedding invitation ornament!  I saw this on Pinterest at some point and knew I would have to make one.  Recently as I was going through some boxes of keepsakes and items in my closet I found  my extra wedding invitations.  I knew I had some empty glass ball ornaments in my craft closet, so it was perfect timing!

I had planned to use our shredder to cut the lines straight like the example I had seen (they were perfectly straight skinny pieces of the invitation with a line of words per strip), but ours bit the dust recently and when we acquired a new one it shreds into tiny pieces instead of strips.  So, that was a no-go.  My other thought was to use scrapbook scissors and I knew I had the perfect pair, wavy lines!  Well…those scissors are not at my house, I guess they are still back in Florida in my old closet.  That was a no-go as well.

My last option (because there was no way I would ever be able to cut straight lines!) would have to be my pinking shears.  The strips turned out great!  However, one thing I didn’t think about was how thick our wedding invitations were.  Although the paper curled up decently to get inside the ornament, I didn’t like how the curls stayed tight once inside [and thus made it terribly hard to see any of the text].  All in all, I think it turned out okay, however, if you decide to make an ornament like this with a wedding invitation or any other type of paper, keep in mind it will uncurl and lay against the glass much better if the paper is thinner!

Wedding Invitation Christmas Ornament

The glass ornaments I used also had a flat surface on one of the sides, so that didn’t help the paper having room to uncurl much either.  I think over time the paper will uncurl a little more though and some of the text will be a bit more readable.

Wedding Invitation Christmas Ornament

Did you have time for any fun Christmas or holiday crafts this year?  What did you make?  Did they turn out how you had planned or expected?


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