GO FOR IT in 2015

It’s a new year and a new adventure.  Starting on Monday I will be going back to school!  I will be attending a three-month intensive at The Iron Yard Academy to pursue Front End Engineering.   Having worked four and a half years at a software company I have been witness to many variations of careers I never knew existed years prior.  Through that, I have found a passion in creating websites and developing software.  I cannot wait to begin this new adventure and expand my knowledge so that I can move into a new career this year.

The Iron Yard Stickers

I am truly grateful and lucky that I work at a company allowing me to take a three-month leave of absence in order to pursue this passion.  I am additionally blessed with a wonderful husband and family that is supporting me in this decision and helping make it a reality.  I would not be able to take this leap without all of the love and support (financial and emotional) of everyone surrounding me.  I cannot wait to see where this new adventure takes me this year and beyond!

Alongside this new schedule, I will be posting far less in the coming months as I labor away at learning these new skills.  My goal, however, is to document my journey here as a way to share this adventure.  I make no promises, but will try my best! This is by far the busiest and most studious three months I will have ever experienced.

Along my journey to The Iron Yard Academy I created a website to begin building my skills prior to starting the intensive.  Although I plan to change this site dramatically in the near future, please check out my one page resume website at ravenaskew.com!  I used HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap to build my site, but my next one will include JavaScript and many other new skills that I learn on my path to becoming a Front End Engineer.  I used muted colors in neutral shades for this site, however, my revamped site to come will be bolder and contain colors that match and contrast with the raven image from my blog header and personal business cards.  I cannot wait to have one cohesive design and theme as I brand my online identity!

Personal Business Cards

What are you doing this year to GO FOR IT?

3 thoughts on “GO FOR IT in 2015

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