Iron Yard: Week One

I can officially say week one of The Iron Yard Academy is over. And…I survived! I knew going into the first week that it would likely be the “easiest” of them all, already having a little bit of HTML and CSS under my belt.  I also knew the “easiest” of what would be twelve ridiculously hectic weeks would not be easy in the least. However, this past week was somewhat manageable and I am extremely grateful for that. It was a good way to ease into what will only get steadily more difficult as the weeks go by.

Highlight of the week: Completing all of my homework assignments before the end of the weekend!

Let me clarify the above.  Each day we receive a massive homework assignment that must be completed (to the best of our ability) and turned in via GitHub by 8 a.m. the next morning. Three of the four homework assignments we had I was able to fully complete by a decent time the evening before it was due. However, I had some tweaks I wanted to make to a few of them [after the fact] and one assignment that I was not able to complete all of the details due to being stumped. For the life of me I could not figure out how to accomplish one particularly difficult section of the site we were assigned to build on Wednesday. Luckily, during code review the next morning in class one of the students who presented their masterpiece had completed this [particularly hard for me] section and I was able to see what needed to happen in order to complete it.  As we did not have any “official” homework our first weekend, except completing the projects from week one (if we had not completed them yet), it gave me a chance to figure out this particularly hard section! Although it took much longer to figure out than it should have (or I thought it should have), I was able to get it completed yesterday [Saturday].  It made my week to know that I had completed all of the homework from week one. Although none of my sites were perfect, nor were they particularly elegant, I feel great about what I accomplished this past week and how much I learned along the way.

Iron Yard HW Day 1

Shot of page from day 1’s HW: header, navigation and 3-column layout

Topics Calvin (our instructor) covered this week:

Homework Assignments by Day:

  • Monday: Built a 3 page website that linked together and had an external stylesheet (see example of one of the pages pictured above!).
  • Tuesday: Take the website from Monday and change the layout to include box model using 3 different layouts from 8 examples given.
  • Wednesday: Given an image of a “blog” and recreated it using HTML and CSS. [By far the hardest HW!]
  • Thursday: Created a “profile card” and used a minimum of 5 CSS transitions and animations (a minimum of 2 CSS @keyframe animations and 2 transitions, final one could be a wild card).
  • Friday / Weekend: Completed any of the HW assignments from week one that I wasn’t able to complete in full during the week. I took this time to begin work on a new version of my resume website. The new version is still being built, but I cannot wait to finish it!

Thursday’s CSS @keyframes Animations and Transitions HW [Working Visual]

I will say, with week one under my belt, it has been much different than I expected. Although not extremely stressful, it has been very intense. There were zero moments spent from the time I woke to the time I slept that I was not thinking about coding, talking about coding, or actually coding. Heck, I was even dreaming about it! Nothing is safe anymore. Above all, I had a really enjoyable week. I love getting the chance to learn and apply what I learn to the assignments we receive. I cannot wait to dive in to week two and learn even more!

2 thoughts on “Iron Yard: Week One

  1. Good for you! Making the decision to start a grand project is always the hardest part, in my opinion. So proud of your determination (and the freezer food)!


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