Iron Yard: Week Two

Wow. Week two has been a doozie! The past week seems more like two or three weeks combined into one.  Somehow time sped up on week one and slowed drastically on week two. We dove further into CSS, building on what we already put in our tool belt last week as well as started to dabble in JavaScript. Now that we have jumped head first into learning our programming language things are only going to get tougher!

Although I am finding certain topics to be difficult, those that I do understand are becoming very enjoyable. One of our weekend homework assignments involved building a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game using JavaScript. Although my JavaScript skills are fuzzy at best right now, I loved getting to come up with a theme and build this out. I chose to base it around a board game that I have recently become enamored with: Carcassonne. Although my adventure game is minimal and barely functioning at best, I can’t wait to build off of the beginning I have now as we use this project again for more assignments (at least I’m pretty sure I overheard we will be using this gain and expanding it for another assignment or two!).

Well, now that I have survived week two officially, I can say that one more week and I will have completed a quarter of the academy! CRAZY!

Highlight of the week: 100 contributions to GitHub!  Woohoo!

GitHub 100 Contributions

I’m also really enjoying my classmates! Friday afternoon before heading out someone mentioned having brunch on Sunday in the classroom so that we could all work on the weekends homework together. It was a great idea and turned out even better. I got a solid seven hours of work done Sunday at school and I’m not sure I could of completed as much as I did without the valuable help of everyone there.

Skateboard Site for HW

Screenshot of Small Portion of the Skateboard Site I Designed from Jan 15 HW

Topics Calvin (our instructor) covered this week:

Although it looks as if we covered less topics than on Week 1, we were working on solidifying the concepts from last week along with learning a lot of new, more difficult concepts (at least to me!).

Homework Assignments by Day:

  • Monday: Take the blog site from last Wednesday and make it responsive with a breakpoint of 320px. By far the hardest HW I had up to that point. See my post from that day.
  • Tuesday: Take the layout site from last Tuesday and make it responsive. Also, switch the CSS for both the blog site and the layout site to SASS.
  • Wednesday: Continue to refactor the CSS from Tuesday into SASS. Use a minimum of 3 @mixins.
  • Thursday/Weekend: Recreate a skateboard brand website from an image. This time we were given the images to use on the site though! Make this site responsive and use SASS for CSS. Create a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game using JavaScript that has 3 alternate endings, uses functions, objects and arrays as well as keeps score. Execute in the console or with only prompts, alerts or confirms.
JavaScript Game

Choose Your Own Adventure JavaScript Game

Oh, and yes, we did have today off. Hence my post now (at the “end” of the week). Onward to a JavaScript overload of the brain starting at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.

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