Iron Yard: Week Three

Another crazy week has come and gone. We continued more JavaScript this week, in addition to adding in jQuery. Although I am still finding jQuery to be very frustrating at times, at other times I do really enjoy it. Take Wednesday’s homework assignment for example. I was not able to get through even half of the assignment without major bugs on Wednesday. This weekend I was able to complete the assignment, until I made a couple of (what I thought were) minor changes to my HTML file and I introduced a bug. As it is already past midnight, I have decided to just hold off and get some help tomorrow before I lose my mind completely over one issue. You will see the general idea of the assignment in my screenshot below. [Keep in mind that this assignment did not require a lot of CSS and therefore the “design” is as basic as possible to contain the elements required in the positions required for the assignment. Nothing fancy!]

SPA Photo Album

Screenshot of Wednesday’s HW Assignment “Home” Page

Highlight of the week: Having parts of jQuery really click, finally. [Still much further to go, but feeling more confident in it each day.]

Topics Calvin (our instructor) covered this week:

Completely ridiculous theme song for jQuery by Code School that is annoyingly catchy:

Homework Assignments by Day:

  • Monday: No class! Continued working on getting caught up from Week 2 and soaking in some more knowledge on previous topics.
  • Tuesday: Solve assigned JavaScript problems (practice working with JS functions).
  • Wednesday: Create a SPA (single page application) Photo Album utilizing jQuery. In English: Create a “3 page” website that is only one page of HTML and call the hidden “pages” using jQuery on user events (link or nav clicks).
  • Thursday: Demonstrate 10 unique jQuery events (practice traversing the DOM).
  • Weekend: Complete Wednesday’s HW (if you haven’t or update it using the shorter version of jQuery) as well as working on jQuery, JavaScript and completing anything else you may have time for.

I am officially a quarter of the way through. Week three is complete, now onward to week four!


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