Iron Yard: Week Four

Week four is complete, which means we are now one third of the way through with academy. It is hard to believe it has already been a full month and we only have two more months to go. This week we started working on separating our data from the DOM. Along with this data separation this required the use of templates. The further we go the more files we add to each project. I think it now takes a solid 10-15 minutes to set up all the files and download everything I need to start a project versus about 2 minutes on the first few weeks assignments. And for as in depth as I feel this is, I know it is setting us up to be able to handle the endless number of files we will be working with one day. So, compared to our future “projects” when we are done at The Iron Yard, our file setups are minimal.

This week we were assigned “groups” as well. Our big weekend assignment was in a group of two. It was great to be working with someone on a project. I’ve definitely missed collaborating with others with all of our assignments up until now having been individual. We were given free range to choose what we wanted to create. Our main requirement was to use everything we have gone over in the class until now. After sticking with my philosophy for this course: “Go with whatever you think of first!” we came up with the idea of Where’s Murray? as a play on Where’s Waldo?.  Since my teammate is a graphic designer she created a logo and map of Charleston for us and we inserted icons to create a fun way to learn facts about Bill Murray on your way to finding him in Charleston. I chose to have him be “found” on the cutlery icon because when I met Mr. Murray it was at a restaurant in Charleston. You can see a snapshot of our assignment below!

Where's Murray? Fact Site

Where’s Murray? Group Assignment from Week 4

We would have liked to add many more features to our site, but part of the group assignment was to learn how to use pull requests on GitHub and work with others in that fashion. That took up a bit of our time (learning some of the ins and outs of pull requests and merging) as well as attempting to get the layout how we wanted as well as our jQuery animations working. After wasting more time than was necessary because nothing we tried worked, we finally went with click events. Hopefully, the next group assignment we work on will have a few more bells and whistles since we hopefully will not be fighting with some of the basic issues we fought with over the past few days. We definitely learned a lot about JavaScript, jQuery and traversing the DOM this weekend though! It was awesome learning more and having some things click as well as getting to do all of this alongside someone else.

Highlight of the week: Finally getting to work with a fellow cohort!

Topics Calvin (our instructor) covered this week:

Homework Assignments by Day:

  • Monday: Build a product page with all of the data in one file and then consume said data and feed it to the site using JS. Use a minimum of six products and place the data objects within an array using an Object Literal.
  • Tuesday: Assignment #1 – Take product page from Monday and apply CRUD. Create: Allow creation of new items to the product page within the page (a form that saves the item to the data file). Read: Retrieve the new item from the data file and display on the site. Update: Allow editing of each item on the page and save update to the data file and retrieve it to show on the page. Delete: Allow deletion of products from the page that delete the product on the page and in the data file.
  • Tuesday: Assignment #2 – Recreate your GitHub profile (header, profile sidebar, repo tab and public activity tab, not contributions tab). Use Octicon icon set as well as GitHub JSON API for your data.
  • Wednesday: No class today – Continue to work on assignment(s) from Tuesday if not complete (no one in the class had  been able to completed both).
  • Thursday/Weekend: Assignment #1 – Complete Tuesday and Wednesday’s assignments if not yet complete (this was at least half of the class).
  • Thursday/Weekend: Assignment #2 – Our first “group” project! In teams of two (assigned by Calvin) we were to take everything we have learned thus far in the course and build an application. Share the load on everything, each team member needs to have worked on each part of the code. Including: HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Underscore.js, Separate Data, Templates.js, Bootstrap, GitHub and FontAwesome.

Also, a huge shoutout to my classmates and friends who have been so willing to help me figure out some of the craziness of JavaScript and GitHub lately. I truly appreciate any and all of the help I get!


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