Iron Yard: Week Five

Another week has come and gone. Next up, week 6. Less than a week and we will be halfway done! We jumped into Ajax and using APIs this week. Although I can see how they can be very difficult depending on the API used, I played with WordPress’s API and it was extremely simple! I even created my Chrome Extension using that same API.

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension using WordPress API for “The Iron Yard” tagged blog posts

This week was difficult however, not as crazy as some other weeks have been. Calvin was sick this week and opted to stay home instead of giving us all his bug, so we had less lectures, but still worked on a lot of difficult new concepts! Our weekend assignment to create a working chat room was the most difficult project we have been given thus far. After working three full days on it, my partner and I were still not able to get it fully complete. Hopefully we can figure out the last bit, but if not, I know we learned a lot working on this assignment and had a lot of victories. I really am proud of what we accomplished together and will post a screenshot of it later!

Highlight of the week: Successfully using an API!

Topics Calvin (our instructor) covered this week:

To-Do List

To-Do List created to look like a note on a kitchen counter

Homework Assignments by Day:

  • Monday: Use GET with Ajax to build a site using any API.
  • Tuesday: Create a Chrome Extension that uses an Ajax call.
  • Wednesday: Create a To-Do List that allows for creation, deletion and editing of items. Also allow for marking items as completed and viewing only those completed and only those that still need to be completed.
  • Thursday/Weekend: Make a chat room with a partner using Ajax and localStorage.

I’m looking forward to week 6 and getting to review some of what we have covered up until now as well as have a code review with Calvin. I’m also looking forward to critiques of my code and finding out what Calvin thinks I should be working on versus what I think I am struggling with.

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