Iron Yard: Week Six

Week six = half way there! Only six more weeks to go and my Iron Yard Academy adventure will come to a close. When something hits a half way point my mind always travels to Livin’ On A Prayer:

Oh, we’ve got to hold on, ready or not
You live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got
Woah, we’re half way there
Woah, livin’ on a prayer
Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear
Woah, livin’ on a prayer

This week was massively different from the previous five weeks. Week six was our “review week.” Everyone in class had the opportunity to write topics we wanted to review on a white board and each day in lecture a couple of those topics were covered. We reviewed basic JavaScript functions, how to handle Merging Pull Requests, and API’s. On Thursday after our SCRUM lecture with Sally, we talked briefly about Object Oriented Programming. Everything we learn going forward will be based off of this concept and I am severely struggling with it. I have read and reread about it all weekend and I still cannot access functions within my constructors in other parts of my JS. I truly hope another day is available to cover this topic since the rest of the lectures will be based off of this knowledge!

Highlight of the week: Started and completed a redesign of my resume website!

At the beginning of week six I spent the first few “review” days working on a redesign of my resume website. I used this redesign as an opportunity to understand Bootstrap and utilize it correctly (unlike on my first site). I wanted to have a clearer understanding of how to incorporate Bootstrap from scratch (unlike last time) so that I can more easily incorporate it into my final project in a few weeks. It’s hard to believe that in only three weeks I will be pitching ideas for my final project and then getting started on it!

Raven Askew's Resume Website

My newly redesigned resume website

You can check out my newly redesigned site at I would love any suggestions, recommendations or even comments (especially about my code) so that I am able to learn and improve! You can check out my GitHub repo here.

Topics Calvin (our instructor) covered this week:

Homework Assignments by Day:

  • Monday – Wednesday: No official assignments, review week.
  • Thursday/Weekend: Using Constructors create a turn based game that interacts, mutates or changes values.

**Update on Monday Feb. 16th: I do understand constructors, I was just missing a few key JS basics (that I should have known). I’m very thankful that we had extra time this afternoon to get that figured out!

4 thoughts on “Iron Yard: Week Six

  1. Your site has come a long way thus far – very impressive. I’m also working towards making an online version of my resume, purchasing a domain, web-hosting… all that jazz – if you have any pointers let me know.


    • Thanks! You can use GitHub Hosting if you want to have it hosted for free and if you purchase your own domain you can point it there as well. I use Amazon S3 because that is what I had used before, but it is free for the first year. I was only paying $0.50 a month to host my previous site. Hopefully that is helpful!

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