Iron Yard: Week Seven

Week seven hit hard after having a review week last week. Having almost an entire week where we didn’t have homework assignments each night made it hard to transition back into daily homework assignments again. However, after only a couple of days of individual homework on Wednesday we jumped right in to a group project with the Rails Engineering class. My group consisted of two students from my Front End Engineering course (another classmate and myself) along with three students from the Rails Engineering course. It gets interesting choosing an application idea when you are on a larger team. Lots of ideas swirling around and choosing an idea that is possible to complete within the allotted timeline.

Finally, my team “//noComment” landed on the idea of a Live Art Auction. It is somewhat of a mix between eBay and Snapchat for Art. We went with a streamlined design that emphasizes the art, a white brick background with box shadows behind the art. I think it turned out splendid! I also discovered an awesome plugin called FlipClock.js for us to use on our bid view to show the countdown to end the bidding. This has been a fun project, but also more challenging than I think anyone on my team realized it would be. However, I am hopeful for future projects where we work in teams with both the front and back end together, we will all have learned some great lessons in this first group assignment that’ll help us know what we can and cannot attempt on the next go round.

Highlight of the week: Working on the main design of our Live Art Auction. In my attempt to highlight the art I was able to simplify the design and use the whitespace to my advantage.

Art Auction Group Project

Art Auction Group Project

Topic Calvin (our instructor) covered this week:

Homework Assignments by Day:

  • Monday: Practice making models and collections using Backbone.js and complete our turn based game from the previous weekend.
  • Tuesday: Create an “IMDB” style site using CRUD and Backbone.js.
  • Wednesday, Thursday – Weekend: Group collaboration project between Front End and Ruby students creating an app.
Art Auction Bidding Page

Art Auction Bidding Page w/ Dummy Data and Moving Countdown Flip Clock

Week eight begins our leap into the AngularJS world. I’m excited and scared all at the same time! Only two more full weeks of lecture before we start specking out and working on our final projects!

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