Iron Yard: Week Eight

Two months down, one to go!

It was a pretty calm week up until Thursday when we finally opened up the Angular flood gates. Thursday through now definitely made up for the calm few days leading up to Thursday. This weekends assignment definitely kicked my tail. I am really beginning to like Angular a lot, but there is still a lot about it that baffles me. I thought views were one of my new favorite things, but then I discovered yesterday and today that sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad. I ended up having to leave one of my views behind to opt for a simpler approach to an issue I was having and it worked out in the end, but I would still love to be able to accomplish my goal the original way I had hoped, with a separate view.

I am also very grateful for my classmates and TA right now, as I do not think I would have survived this week, especially the past few days, without their immense help. Code help and support for when I wanted to throw my laptop across the room (not really, but about as close as one can get to wanting to yet knowing they never will).

Snapshot of current home page for my Angular Store

Snapshot of current home page for my Angular store

We have one final week of lecture and then prep lectures for our final projects as well as jumping into our final projects. We started office tours on Friday and will continue those up until our final presentations. It is fun getting to see other offices in the area that I have heard a lot about but never been inside! I even had my first mock interview on Wednesday and I felt like it went pretty well!

As I get close to pitching my final project ideas, I welcome and and all topic ideas that you may have. I feel like I have a few solid ideas thus far, but you never know what might spark an awesome idea! Send them my way if you happen to think of anything!

Highlight of the week: Meeting some inspiring and helpful women at Charleston Women in Tech on Tuesday!

Topics Calvin (our instructor) covered this week:

  • Routing in Backbone.js
  • Intro to Testing via YouTube – Jasmine (home assignment, class was canceled due to the “freeze”)
  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • Sinon-Chai
  • AngularJS

Homework Assignments by Day:

  • Monday: No official HW since we didn’t have lecture. Everyone showed their group projects from last week/weekend in a joint class.
  • Tuesday: Completed assigned Jasmine-Koans tests.
  • Wednesday: Behavior Driven Mocha & Chai testing for models from last weeks individual Backbone.js assignment.
  • Thursday-Weekend: Build a store with AngularJS using full CRUD, routes and views. Needs public facing and administrator sections, not worrying about storage yet.


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