Iron Yard: Week Twelve

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. -Dr. Seuss

It is fitting to end with a Dr. Seuss quote, since I began with one on my notebook cover three months ago. It is truly hard to believe that my twelve weeks of coding boot camp are over. Not to mention, they actually ended over a week ago, I’m just that behind on posting. It is really strange not getting up and going to school every day, and even stranger not getting to see all of my new friends each day.

Iron Yard Certificate of Completion

As soon as demo day was over I jumped right back in to coding. Last Saturday I spent six+ hours working on CSS for a portfolio site design I wanted to attempt. In the end, I realized it would take a lot more knowledge (and time) than I currently posses, so I decided to ditch that idea and move on to another. Getting a job straight out of coding boot camp requires a portfolio of your work, which meant I could not apply to jobs until I had one. And thus, not wanting to waste any extra time on an idea that wasn’t going to come to fruition quickly I moved on to a second attempt at my portfolio site idea, which was something much simpler. Something classic. Notebook paper with my favorite Google Font, Special Elite. I wanted it to look as if I had used a typewriter to create my site on vintage lined paper. You can visit my portfolio site here. It showcases a few of my projects during my time at The Iron Yard in addition to my final project, Shampoodle Portfolios.

I really enjoyed working on my final project. I created a site for dog groomers to create profile pages with a mini portfolio of their work. Although it is far from being usable in the real world [yet!], I hope that one day I can spend more time on it and get it to the point where it can be released to the wild world of web and be used by dog groomer’s everywhere!

Shampoodle Portfolios

The previous photo is of my home page, I wanted users to have search right at their fingertips upon coming to the site and be able to find a groomer as quickly as possible. I took the idea for having a large splash image, with a logo and search bar, from Bing. Although my site is not a search engine, I wanted it to be clear that helping someone find a groomer was not an afterthought.

My favorite page on the site is my 404 page. Even though most visitors to the site will never see it, I thought I would share it with the world, so that everyone can have a laugh, or at least a grin, over my and my husband’s nutty sense of humor. We just knew the moment we saw this photo it would have to be used on the site in some way, shape or form.

Shampoodle Portfolios 404 Page

Now that I have survived my grueling and intense three months, now that I have my portfolio [for the most part] complete, (when is anything ever truly complete???), it is time to move into another intense and grueling realm. It is time to apply for jobs and [one can hope] go on interviews and find out how much I really don’t know, but hope they give me a chance to learn on the job!

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