Back to My Regularly Scheduled Life

I have been a horrible blogger since my life went back to being on a more regular schedule after graduating from The Iron Yard. For anyone who hasn’t heard, I got my first job as a Front End Developer [Apprentice] at a company in Charleston called Blue Acorn. I hit the ground running as soon as I finished getting my portfolio completed after graduation and applied to many jobs, went on many interviews, and landed the first job I applied for (and the one I wanted to most!). Blue Acorn has an amazing training program that I am currently a part of and will be a part of for a few more months. I am really enjoying learning something new each day and being challenged at the same time. I was truly lucky to land a job in development and start exactly one month after graduation.

In addition to landing my first development position I have been steadily getting back into my circus training at Aerial Fit. I have really dove back into static trapeze and am loving it more than ever. I cannot wait for July when they will have two trapeze classes a week!

Wooden HangersI have also been reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo and attempting to apply the concepts to our home. So far, I have only completed a couple of categories in the house, however, we have donated enough stuff for two trips to different donation centers! I even invested in some beautiful wooden hangers for my closet. Which really, wasn’t as big of an investment as I had imagined, since I cleaned out so many of my clothes! I tried to apply Marie Kondo’s principles as well as work in some of the capsule wardrobe principles into my clothing clean out. Although I am not following either plan fully, I have used their methods to help me pair down to a manageable amount of clothing. I am also understanding more and more what I really do and do not like in order to keep from splurging on clothing!

Now that my life is back to the semi-normal schedule that I tend to keep, I’ll try my best to keep up my blog posts more often and bring some new, fun and interesting posts to all (5?) of my readers!

5 thoughts on “Back to My Regularly Scheduled Life

  1. Loved this post! We, as bloggers, feel so guilty when we do not keep our posts fresh and updated! Sounds like you have been doing AMAZING THINGS and it is TOTALLY understandable that you have been on hiatus! Keep it up, girl! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures! P.S. I LOVEEEEED THAT BOOK! It’s awesome!


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