Candle Making at Candlefish

A few weeks ago a few of my colleagues and I signed up for one of the candle making classes at Candlefish in Downtown Charleston. Having never been to a candle making class, I was excited and a bit skeptical at the same time, as I have made candles at home as a kid and knew it wasn’t too difficult a process. However, at $45 (plus a fee), it wasn’t much more than buying two of their 11 ounce candles (at $22 apiece), so I figured why not give it a shot.Candlefish Candle Class Student Setup My largest disappointment with the class was in choosing a scent. Candlefish has 100 scent profiles, but we were only given about 15-20 to choose from. Also, each individual was only allowed one scent for both candles, and at 50+ hours of burn time, you had better really like that scent! If I had prior notice we to be limited on scent selection I would have arrived early and sniffed more of their collection in order to have more oils from which to choose. Luckily, when I asked about other available oils with tea, I was able to get a whiff of a couple scents that contained tea notes and ended up choosing No. 24 from their library (which was not part of our classes original selections). No. 24 has notes of tea, bergamot and spearmint. It was by far my favorite of the candles and oils I was given the opportunity to smell that evening from their library of 100 scents. Candlefish Candle Class Student Setup with Oils In the class we measured out hot soy wax as well as the scented oils and poured them together in the large metal container, mixing with a whisk. Once the [now] scented wax reached a particular temperature we were able to pour them into our jars. Before pouring, we hot glued the wicks into the bottom of the jars that we hand labeled. The best part of the class was getting to know a few of my colleagues better (I work with some awesome gals!).

In the end though, I’m not sure if I would sign up for a class again just for new candles. Maybe if I were going to the class as a social event, but for now, I will hold off on making candles.

Candlefish [the store] itself is beautiful and well worth visiting for some amazing candles and unique gifts. The staff was wonderful as well. And the bags, beautiful! I am saving mine to use as gift bags in the future! I would highly recommend stopping in if you are near the corner of King and Wentworth. Candlefish Candle Class Candles with BagHave you ever signed up for any social crafting classes? What were some of your favorites (or not), and why?


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