Project Mermaids Swims through Charleston

Yesterday I had the pleasure of modeling in a photography session for Project Mermaids at Magnolia Plantation. Being that I grew up in the era of The Little Mermaid, to say this was a dream come true for me would be an understatement. I lived and breathed Ariel as a young girl and even as an adult have dressed up as Ariel for Halloween (sail dress, more pictures to come soon from this years rendition, as a couple!). The hubby and I went to Disney World in 2013 and I turned into a shy kid all over again when I got my picture with Ariel.

Disney World Photo with Ariel

So, two years later, I get to be the mermaid! I am not sure when I will receive the photos and then I will need to pick my favorite for the photographer to fully “mermaidify”. As soon as I get my final mermaid print I will share it with all of you! For now, enjoy the sneak peek they posted on Instagram yesterday below:

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Y'all, it has been such an incredible day down here in Charleston, SC! The mermaids today brought the southern charm the South is known for! Here's some #bts of the belles of the sea down south! Huge thank you @alandonclements for volunteering her time today to assist and style the shoots, and providing some very special "mermaid movers" @caconover @relationshep Thank you to our @projectmermaids crew Photographer @angelinaventurellaphoto Stylest @noelcouture Production manger @crissycrissybobissy #Mermaids @hiimtwee @heathernorman @lrnklly @chasingbillboards @pink_oak @rav_eve @cashc10 @debbecakez Can't wait for day two! See y'all tomorrow! OH, and if you happen to be in the area on Monday, we're doing a beach clean up! Come join us and help make a difference #saveourbeach

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(It is teeny tiny, but I’m the one in front of the lake, 6th mermaid.)

It was hard work being a mermaid (legit mermaid tails = HEAVY!) and I definitely felt awkward 90% of the time, but based on a few behind the scenes shots I was able to see, I am confident that there will be at least one shot that makes me look like the gorgeous mermaid I always dreamed I could be!

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