Closing Down 2015

As we are all aware, it is now 2016. However, I wanted to throw in a quick wrap up of my year (2015)! Last year I started what I believe will be a new tradition, Christmas cards with our “Top 10” listed on the back. It includes a quick run down of the top ten things that I, my husband or our fluffy pup Rory (or all three of us!) have done in the previous year. This can range from accomplishments to travel to random things going on in our lives. So, without further ado, I present to you our 2015!

2015 Christmas Card Front

2015 Christmas Card Back

Top Ten Highlights of 2015

10. Raven attended a full time coding boot camp from January through March. As a result, she switched careers and is now a Front End Developer at Blue Acorn, An eCommerce Agency.

9. Clay took part and placed in the following races: Cooper River Bridge Run [Top 100],iFive:K [2nd Place], Avondale 5K [3rd Place] and the James Island Connector 10K [4th Place].

8. Raven continues her static trapeze training and hopes to do her first performance in the spring!

7. We spent a weekend at a creekside cabin in Bostic, North Carolina and hiked in South Mountains State Park with Rory.

6. Rory turned 6 in August!

5. Clay crafted Raven a large hexagon dining room table for her birthday.

4. Raven lived her dream of becoming a mermaid for a day in a photoshoot at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

3. We celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary in October!

2. In celebration of our 5th Wedding Anniversary, we had our photos made in Jordan-Hare Stadium where we first met in autumn 2008.

1. We began a journey to cleanse our home of excess material possessions and removed 1000+ items.


I hope your 2015 was as fun and adventurous as ours was. What are some of the top things you got to do in 2015?


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