About Slightly Askew:

Slightly Askew follows the journey of one Southern Gal through this skewed cosmos.  This is a humble attempt to spread the randomness of her life with the World Wide Web.  You may discover recipes, crafted objects, fitness finds and even a little spreading of Alma Mater pride.  The most adorable fluffy pup on this planet will undoubtedly make an appearance or two as well.  And, sometimes there may be a nerd out and postings of book “reviews” or even some awesome tech knowledge recently stumbled upon.  Don’t forget about local pride!  Amusing happenings in The Lowcountry are always popping up and select favorites may show up here.

Hopefully this feeble attempt at spreading one version of Southern Charm from the marvelous city of Charleston, South Carolina finds you well.  May it entertain and delight you and even inspire you on your journey through this skewed cosmos.

About Raven:

Raven is a fourth generation Floridian transplanted to South Carolina to be with the man of her dreams.  She lives in Charleston, South Carolina in a quaint 60’s neighborhood with her adorable Goldendoodle Rory and husband Clay.

Between Florida and South Carolina, she made a few stops along the way in Alabama. For three years in Birmingham to obtain a Bachelor of Arts from Samford University and then another two years in Auburn to obtain a Master of Arts from Auburn University. She focused on Public Relations at both Samford and Auburn.

Her degrees are undergraduate, Journalism and Mass Communication, and graduate, Communications. Those mean very little however, since she recently attended The Iron Yard in Charleston, SC and is now working as a Front End Developer. It is an adventure every day! She has a passion for all things aerial, writing, reading, event planning, crafting, crochet, travel, attempts to master the kitchen and all things social media. Her dream is to one day travel the world while pursuing her many passions.


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