Crown of the Continent

Logan Pass

I could not imagine a more beautiful place in the world other than Glacier National Park.  Actually, I could.  Going backpacking into Glacier National Park and off the main highway, that is probably more beautiful than what I have experienced on … Continue reading

South Carolina Festival of Flowers in Greenwood

South Carolina Festival of Flowers Topiary Display Tiger

And finally…we made it to Uptown Greenwood for the South Carolina Festival of Flowers Topiary Display on the final day of Clay’s birthday weekend trip.  I am sure this is something he would’ve never chose as a detour to see … Continue reading

Falls Park on the Reedy

Falls Park on the Reedy

As promised, the second installment of Clay’s Birthday Weekend Extravaganza is here!  In the first installment, you heard about our weekend abode and hiking adventure.  Now, on to Downtown Greenville, SC.  We didn’t spend too much time in Downtown Greenville, … Continue reading

Dome Sweet Dome

As part of my Hubby’s 30th birthday celebration I took him on a trip, destination unknown (to him), the weekend following his big day.  I knew with this being a weekend trip I didn’t want to travel too far away, as that would eat up too much of the trip.  Having wanted to go hiking for a while and knowing that he enjoys the outdoors immensely (more so than I), I chose to head to Upstate South Carolina.  Since I knew we would be hiking near the North Carolina/Tennessee state lines I figured we should stay somewhere near Greenville, but maybe a little more in between the two.

Being an avid AirBnB user, I decided to hit up that site first when choosing where we might stay.  One of my favorite parts about using a site such as this to find places to stay is the ability to find unique abodes as well as to rent the entire place (be it a home, apartment, condo, etc.).  It is also perfect when we are able to find places where we can bring our pup along, which is something we could never do in a hotel!

My search for places to stay brought me to a very unique dome.  It was a great price (has gone up since we rented it!) and although pets weren’t mentioned in their specific amenities, they did mention small non-shedding dogs in their description.  First things first, I emailed the owner to inquire and lo and behold, he said we could bring Rory!  I knew it then, that we had to rent this wonderfully unique abode!

Dome AirBnB Rental in Slater-Marietta, SC

Although I took a slightly longer route to get to the dome (I’m usually not in the driver seat on trips) it ended up being perfect.  Going the longer route allowed us to drive through some of the most gorgeous tree covered roads winding through the mountains.

On Saturday we meandered further upstate to visit Caesars Head State Park  for a morning hiking excursion.  We even brought Rory so she could experience her first ever hiking adventure!

Caesars Head State Park Sign

It ended up being the perfect morning for hiking.  It had rained the evening before and add that in with being in the mountains, it most likely never got above 75 degrees and was shady almost the entire hike.  Perfect weather for us and for pup (she would have never been able to come with us had it been warmer).

Raven Cliff Falls Direction Sign

Off we went, down the trail to go see Raven Cliff Falls, the tallest waterfall in South Carolina!

Raven Cliff Falls Trail

The shady trail had some lovely rays of sun beaming through at different points.  There were even manmade stairs on the trail!

Family Photo at Raven Cliff Falls

We finally made it to the top!  Rory pulled us the entire way up, loving every second of it!  This was our first family hiking excursion that we hope is followed by many more!

Raven Cliff Falls

It was a lovely view, however, I did think we would be a bit closer to the falls.  Later doing some research on the trail, I found out there is a place near the overlook that you can veer off and actually hike over to the falls.  We’ll have to visit this trail again and possible make our own adventure next time!

Raven Cliff Falls

It was a magnificent morning for a hike in South Carolina and hopefully will be our first of many.  This hike made us both that much more excited for all of our hiking adventures we will have when we visit Glacier National Park in August.  Too bad we can’t bring our fluffy bundle of joy with us to drag us around the park in Montana!

We also visited Downtown Greenville and Downtown Greenwood on this trip.  Be on the lookout for the posts about those awesome stops on Clay’s Birthday Extravaganza Weekend!

Swarming Honeybees

Recently my company BoomTown has begun to get involved with The Bee Cause Project.  A group of us went out to The Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw, SC a few weeks back to help build some raised flower beds to provide flowers for the honeybee hives that were to be placed there soon.  Although we weren’t able to finish the flower beds that day it was a fun adventure (of which I still have a bump on my shin to prove I was there!).  Not to mention, all the ladies got to use tools we had never used before as well as learn some new skills!

Before the adventure of raised flower beds began, the Executive Director of The Bee Cause Project, Tami Enright, came to our office one afternoon for some honey tasting (yum!) and a talk on honeybees and what The Bee Cause Project is doing in the Lowcountry.  Having grown up knowing that my Grandfather used to be a beekeeper, it has always intrigued me, yet I hadn’t taken the time to seek out more information on this interesting hobby previously.  It was really interesting learning about the queen honeybee and the worker honeybees and their roles within the hive.  I will not attempt to spout off a bunch of honeybee facts, as I will inevitably give you all the wrong information.  However, one interesting aspect of honeybee colonies is something called “swarming”.  Long story short, when a hive gets too full (too many worker bees!) the original queen along with a large group of the worker honeybees leave the colony.  When they leave, they will typically fly in a clump, as the queen (a very plump queen indeed) has trouble flying, so they fly around her to help her out.  Since she must rest often, they end up swarming in a clump, on branches.  If you ever see a large clump of honeybees just hanging out on a branch, this is most likely what you are witnessing!

Well, odd enough, a short time after we learned all about honeybees and their crazy swarming, we had a honeybee swarm right next to the office!  When I heard this I just had to go and check it out.

Swarming Bees

Swarming honeybees in Downtown Charleston – 4.10.14

It was very surreal.  The buzzing was somewhat disconcerting, yet you knew the honeybees weren’t going to bother you.  If you ever happen to see a honeybee swarm, go check it out (but not too close!), it was pretty amazing to see in person!

Swarming Bees in Downtown Charleston

Closer view of swarming honeybees – 4.10.14

What are some awesome and interesting things you have witnessed in nature?