Switchfoot Hits the Holy City

Last Saturday evening I took my hubby out for our February Date Night.  After dinner I surprised him with tickets to the Switchfoot concert at Music Farm in Downtown Charleston.  It was miles different from the Switchfoot concert I attended at Samford University during my college days, but maybe even better in a way.

During the concert the lead singer, Jon Foreman, made his way out into the audience and onto the side stair rails and performed there for a bit.  I shot this (what I would consider, for my photography skills) awesome and unique photograph of him when he was above where we were standing.  Alright, maybe it is just a bright and blurry photograph, but I think the colors and prospective are awesome.

Jon Foreman - Switchfoot

Jon Foreman – Switchfoot – 2.22.14

If you haven’t checked out their new album Fading West yet, go check it out now!