Flying High in New York City

I’m headed to New York City!  One of my best friends is graduating from medical school next week and I couldn’t miss this wonderful moment in his life.  Six short years ago I was attending his graduation [as valedictorian nonetheless!] from Samford University!

John Andrew Wesley's Samford Graduation

John Andrew and I at his Samford graduation in 2008

As he will be moving to San Francisco right after, this may be my last visit to NYC for quiet a while.  So, while there, I’m taking this opportunity to do something that I really wanted to try on one of my previous trips: Trapeze School!

As I have been obsessed with Sex and the City for some time now, if you are as well, you may recall there is an episode where Carrie takes to the skies and attends a Trapeze School Lesson.  Ever since seeing this, I have wanted to give it a whirl!  On my trip last year, I thought about it, but we filled the trip up with many other fun adventures.  This year, I am going for it!

Carrie from Sex and the City Trapeze School

Carrie from Sex and the City giving Trapeze a try (Copyright HBO)

I am already booked and cannot wait.  Although I am definitely nervous, they are good nerves and I cannot wait to give it a whirl!  I’ll post more about my adventure after, but I was so excited, I had to share now!  [Plus, if I’ve publicly announced it, I cannot chicken out, and I already paid so…]

What are some of the more daring things on your bucket list?  I’m excited to experience one of mine soon!

See you high in the sky, New York City!